With the amazing theme of the Medina maze in Fez the game is a combination of online game, social media, internet service and game in a real space, where an area of the city is used as a game board, as a background for the game action to be played and becomes the most important element of the game.


In the game, through fun and adventure, we want to show the monuments of the city and its history, stories circulating around the city for centuries as myths, places unknown in the common tourist circulation, and equally interesting, the secrets of Fez, culture and characteristic cultural aspects for the Medina of Fez and even fun elements that make up the uniqueness of Medina. 


The game will be artistic and sociological. This is not a typical game. It will have many layers and meanings. Its aim is to show Fez from the cultural, sociological, historical, urban, architectural, etc. To understand the essence of the medina and show the real face of the city and many aspects that make up its value and uniqueness, the game will have many elements and a unique graphic layer, which will consist of freehand drawings and animations as well as films, 3D animations, will use possible applications such as Google My Maps, and will always be open to new layers of meaning and adventure. We are working on a unique user experience design, where the process of getting to know the city and gaining knowledge will take place through adventures in the game, tasks, missions in which we gain tips, maps, and subsequent levels. In some parts, the game will be an example of an escape room game, where we have to complete certain missions while gaining knowledge to get to the next level. 


  • Present the uniqueness of the Medina of Fez (architecture, urbanism, history)
  • Get acquainted with historical knowledge through the game and individual and group adventures, as well as participation and co-creation of the game 
  • Show uniques artisans of Medina
  • Support local community by creating online free promotion opportunities 
  • Create a structure where the game will be able to be created by many individuals (participants, artists, institutions, craftsmen, companies), and they will be able to achieve their goals 
  • Create new social media point – artistic and open for different form of individual expression
  • Bring people together, create opportunities to gather online and create something together
  • Create a new type of game that can fill some gaps in social connections in applications on the market that are focused only on sales or advertising 

Virtually participants of the game can  traverse the city, which is presented in an artistic way: contains drawings, animations, video elements. During this travels they can:

  • visit (virtually) the most important historical buildings,
  •  learn about urban stories,
  • follow real teams playing an urban game and interact with them (help them reach the next base)
  • meet city residents and chat with them in virtual coffee
  • visit institutions, companies, riads, hotels, shops existing in the virtual space, which can be a great form of advertising for local companies and craftsmen
  • make real transactions with local entrepreneurs (e.g. buy a carpet, rent a room at the riad …)
  • participate in online webinars on the subject of Moroccan culture (online lectures on calligraphy, Arabic geometry, Moroccan cuisine, natural cosmetics, arts and crafts etc.)
  • visit virtual museum about Fez Medina
  • take rally through narrow streets and compete with others players
  • try to immerse in typical media citizen life
  • The reality of the virtual city is also supplemented with elements of fiction so that the game is not only interesting or educational – firstly the game is exciting!

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